Geoffrey Michael Ewenson of Annapolis MD, passed away suddenly on Wednesday, October 14th at the age of 50.
Geoff was born in Upper Montclair, New Jersey on July 13th, 1970 to parents Geoffrey William Ewenson and Patricia Dwyer Ewenson, their first of three children. The young family lived in Ohio, New York and Illinois before settling in his mother’s hometown of Newport, Rhode Island in 1977. In Newport, Geoff was one of the older kids of a large tight-knit extended family that included many cousins, aunts and uncles. He attended the Cluny School and St. Michael’s Country Day School before heading to Tabor Academy in Marion, Massachusetts. He went on to graduate from the University of Rhode Island with a Marine Affairs Degree. Geoff always took great pride in the family and town he came from.
Following in his father’s footsteps, who sailed to Newport from his hometown of Melbourne, Australia in 1967, Geoff quickly developed a passion for sailing that helped shape his entire life. His dad taught him in a Super Snark on a man-made pond outside of Chicago. Upon the return to Newport, sailing naturally became a primary focus as he rose through the ranks of junior, collegiate and professional competition. The numerous championships he won and individual honors he received are testament to the immense talent and dedication he had for the sport, but it was his positivity, humility, and grace that he was most admired for. Racing and coaching sailboats became his career, he made so many close friends around the globe while competing, but most importantly, the sport connected him forever to his beloved wife Mary Iliff of Annapolis, Maryland.
While competing in a regatta in Annapolis in 1997, Geoff met Mary. The two connected instantly and formed an extraordinary bond. They were married in Annapolis in 1999 and made a home together in the city. Mary enthusiastically supported his professional sailing career, while Geoff served as Mary’s unfailing pillar as she grew her business, SpinSheet Publishing Company. Together, Mary and Geoff were incredibly active in their community, dedicated to bringing people together, living healthily and doing good. They lead by example and we so obviously in love.
Since Geoff’s untimely departure, the overwhelming outpouring of love, support, stories and images have reminded his closest friends and family of the positive force that he was. His infectious laugh and smile were ever-present in tough times and good, and getting the best out of himself and others around him drove him professionally and in personal life. Geoff loved connecting people and being part of teams. His deep loyalty and selflessness are evidenced by his countless long-lasting friendships and the many who called him a great, influential mentor. So many have noted that Geoff was like a brother to them.
Geoff is survived by Mary; his parents Geoff and Patsy; his siblings Nick and Ashley; eight beloved nieces and nephews; his Labrador retrievers Angus and Malcolm; and innumerable other friends and family members who loved him dearly.
Due to COVID restrictions, there will be a small, private ceremony this week in Annapolis. There will be a larger celebration of Geoff’s life in the future when circumstances allow. Discussions are underway to establish a charitable effort in Geoff’s name to benefit Narragansett Bay sailors. More details will be provided when available.