Middletown town officials have decided to increase the parking capacity at the popular Second Beach for 4th of July Weekend by adding an additional 175 cars allowed to park at the beach.

Current parking restrictions limit car to 200 residents and 200 non-residents in the main lot. The new rules will allow for 275 non-residents and 275 residents.

An additional 25 non-residents will be allowed to park across from the Surfer’s End lot.

A resident pass is $70, senior resident pass is $65, resident motorcycle pass is $30. Non-resident pass is $140, senior non- resident pass is $130 and non-resident motorcycle pass is $60.

There’s no limit on the number of passes the beaches will sell and it’s first come first served.

Parking at 3rd Beach is still residents only with a limit of 55 cars in the middle and 80 at the boat ramp.