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State House event Thursday to hold private colleges, universities more financially accountable to host cities

Rep. David Morales will be joined by Providence city councilors and student-led organizations tomorrow at a State House event in support of two bills (2022-H 79562022-H 7813) he is sponsoring to hold private universities and colleges more financially accountable to the communities that host them.

The event is scheduled for Thursday, April 7, at 3 p.m. in the State Library on the second floor of the State House.

Among those participating are Sen. Tiara Mack (D-Dist. 6, Providence), Providence Councilman John Gonsalves, Providence School Board Member Ty’Relle Stephens, Students for Educational Equity at Brown University, Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) and Housing Opportunities for People Everywhere (HOPE) at Brown University.



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