Stephen Colbert Violent Femmes

Stephen Colbert Performs ‘Blister In The Sun’ With Violent Femmes And He Absolutely Nails It!

During a recent visit to The Late Show, alt-rock band the Violent Femmes invited Stephen Colbert to join them for a rendition of their 1983 classic “Blister in the Sun” and Colbert absolutely hit it out of the park.

So here’s a question for all of you. Or perhaps a little story and then a question. Last summer I found myself at a late night out around Ocean Drive and a bunch of us were taking turns playing guitar and belting out some tunes.  When it was my turn, I decided to pay homage to my Jr. High School days by playing some Violent Femmes. Now here’s what’s weird, not one person under the age of 25 had EVER even heard of the Violent Femmes (and there were at least 15 of them) and every person over the age of 30 knew every word to every song.

So my question is, did the Violent Femmes really disappear into cultural obscurity by 1990 or is there a really good chance that any of those under the age of 25 were smoking crack or taking molly or whatever the new fun drugs are these days? I vote for they were all on drugs. No other explanation, right? I mean, who hasn’t heard of the Violent Femmes?

Anyway, the Violent Femmes have announced headlining tour dates for New Zealand, Australia and North America.

PS – Who knew Colbert could scat?