Weekly Roundup: Key Developments in Rhode Island’s General Assembly (May 6-May 10)

The Rhode Island General Assembly has been abuzz with legislative activity this week, addressing a range of issues from law enforcement reform to consumer protection and healthcare. Here’s a summary of the key developments:

Law Enforcement Reform:

  • The House of Representatives passed the Law Enforcement Officers’ Due Process, Accountability and Transparency Act, which aims to reform the Law Enforcement Officers’ Bill of Rights. Sponsored by Deputy Speaker Raymond A. Hull and Senate President Dominick J. Ruggerio, the bills are set for a vote in the Senate.

Washington Bridge Reporting:

  • Legislation requiring regular updates on the state of the Washington Bridge was approved by the General Assembly. The bill, introduced by Senate Majority Whip Valarie J. Lawson and House Majority Whip Katherine S. Kazarian, now awaits the governor’s signature.

Housing Package:

  • Three bills from Speaker K. Joseph Shekarchi’s housing package were approved by the House of Representatives. These bills aim to clarify housing development regulations, encourage housing production, and facilitate electronic permitting for building permits. They now move to the Senate.

Healthcare Measures:

  • The Senate passed bills aimed at protecting contraceptive coverage and preventing auto insurers from charging higher rates to widows. Sponsored by Sen. Dawn Euer and Senate Majority Whip Valarie J. Lawson respectively, these bills are now under consideration in the House.

Nursing Home Surveillance:

  • A bill allowing nursing home residents to install cameras in their rooms was approved by the Senate. Sponsored by Sen. Dawn Euer, the bill now heads to the House for further consideration.

Name Change Legislation:

  • The Senate passed a bill sponsored by Sen. Tiara Mack aimed at streamlining the name change process and making it more inclusive. The bill now moves to the House for review.

Utility Shut-off Moratorium Extension:

  • Legislation extending the winter moratorium on utility shut-offs was passed by the Senate. Sponsored by Sen. Melissa A. Murray, the bill is now under consideration in the House.

Solar Industry Regulation:

  • The Senate approved a bill regulating businesses selling home solar systems, sponsored by Sen. Jacob Bissaillon. The bill is now awaiting review in the House.

Interstate Physical Therapy Compact:

  • The House approved legislation sponsored by Rep. Michelle E. McGaw to have Rhode Island join an interstate compact for physical therapists. The bill now awaits consideration in the Senate.



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