Willa McKee Returns to Airwaves to Help Governor “Clean Things Up”

In Rhode Island’s most anticipated sequel since “Hocus Pocus 2,” Governor Dan McKee’s campaign debuted its new ad, titled “Cleaning Things Up,” featuring the return of the Governor’s 94-year-old mother, Willa. The ad, which began airing over the weekend, spotlights the Governor’s tight-knit family.

The ad begins with a shot of a typical Sunday evening at the McKee home: the family, including the Governor with his wife, Susan, and his kids, Matt and Kara, cleaning up the kitchen after a family meal. The Governor walks outside to take out the trash as he highlights some of his top accomplishments since taking office. 

“When you have a big family, everyone pitches in. And I’m forever grateful for the help and support from my family to make sure we win in November to continue the progress we’ve made over the last 20 months. In that time, Rhode Islanders have stepped up to take us from worst to first in vaccinations, end the car tax and deliver real relief to taxpayers, and protect reproductive freedom for women,” said Governor Dan McKee.

The ad continues with the Governor delivering a now-famous line, “Not bad for a Governor who lives with his mother,” — but he is playfully interrupted by his family. That makes way for his 94-year-old mother, Willa, to say, “Hey Dan, that’s my line!”

“I’ve really enjoyed sharing the spotlight with my family – especially my mom Willa, who has become quite a celebrity. Years ago, she moved in with us, bringing three generations of McKee’s together under one roof. To this day, we enjoy special traditions like our Sunday night card games. I’m incredibly proud of my family and the Rhode Island values my parents have instilled in all of us. Most importantly, we know how important it is to serve our community, and always support one another,” added Governor McKee.

Willa McKee has become a centerpiece of the Governor’s campaign, having appeared in his first campaign commercial, in social media posts, on t-shirts, and in his primary election-eve robo call to remind voters to head to the polls. The Governor’s campaign even put out a video and step-by-step guide explaining the family card game after countless requests from Rhode Islanders wanting to try the game they saw being played in the ad.



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