So there is quite the debate going on over on Twitter about a caller named “Matt” who phoned in to the Toucher & Rich Show on 98.5 The Sports Hub.

Here’s the call:

and the transcript:

I’m originally from San Diego. I’ve been here over 20 years, so I consider myself a true New England fan and resident, but I just want to say I’ve been listening to you guys bust on Tom Brady and Julian Edelman, and it’s absolutely hilarious. But it occurs to me that being true New England guys, you have to have something to complain about. So, you got three GOATs on the same team: Belichick, Brady, and Gronk. You got the Red Sox in first place. So, all that leaves you to go to is the fact that the man’s the greatest of all time, he’s got a good relationship with his receiver, and his wife’s Gisele Bundchen. I just think it’s very indicative of New England sports fans.

Ok, so do I think it was Tom?…probably not, but how amazing would it be if the greatest quarterback who has ever lived went on the radio and referred to himself as the GOAT????

So it either was Brady or it’s a great publicity stunt for a radio show I’ve never heard of!

Here’s the investigation!

By the way, there is no way that’s Tom Brady.