note: Not the actual shark. Photo Atlantic White Shark Conservancy

via Boston Globe: Two kayakers managed to escape unscathed after a great white shark took a bite out of one of their boats Wednesday evening off the coast of Plymouth, officials said.

The incident was reported to the Plymouth harbormaster at about 6 p.m. Wednesday, according to Assistant Harbor Master Stefan Gustafson. Harbormaster officials responded to Manomet Point, about 100 yards off the coast, he said.

“The shark had bit through one of their kayaks,” Gustafson said. “Both kayakers were knocked into the water, and one of the kayaks was sinking.”

Harbormaster officials rescued the two female kayakers, who were in their mid-20s — one from Plymouth and the other from Barnstable, Gustafson said.

Earlier Wednesday, officials had received a call about a reported shark sighting in the area.

Ok, seriously. This is enough. Time for the great whites to go back to wherever they were before. South Africa? Australia? Don’t care, it’s just time for them to leave.

Basically, we have illegal immigrants flooding our southern border, Bieber coming in from the north, and now great whites invading from east. Enough is enough, it’s time to move west.

I try to swim everyday and now great whites are attacking kayaks 100 yards offshore, wtf???

Can you imagine what went through the minds of these women? One second you’re enjoying the scenery and the next second your kayak is bitten in half and your about to be lunch!

Go home shark, go home!