Laura B. Hagan Santos celebrated her 103rd birthday on Friday, April 27, 2018, in the company of her son Fred Santos, son-in-law Peter Ludwig, granddaughters Camilla Santos and Laura Ludwig, and many more extended family and friends, at St. Clare’s-Newport on Spring Street. Laura was born in Newport, grew up in the Fifth Ward, and lived with her husband Alfred J. Santos on Pennacook Street for over 50 years. Cupcakes from Charlie’s, a glass of Prosecco and a new hairdo contributed to her celebratory mood. “I have no idea why I’ve lived this long,” she said. “Maybe it’s so I can be surrounded by a room full of loved ones once a year!”

When Mrs. Santos was born, Woodrow Wilson was President of the United States, women didn’t yet have the right to vote, the RMS Lusitania was sank by the Germans, and the invention of television was still 12 years away!

Happy Birthday, Mrs. Santos!!!