From April 14 through April 29, Newporters are called upon to light their European Beech Trees.

This very special tree lighting is being undertaken to raise awareness about the peril facing our aging Gilded Age forest, and to celebrate the beauty and awe that these majestic trees have brought to our everyday lives.  If you have a European Beech that you think you would like to light…

Click here to learn more about lighting your beech.

On April 14, the Newport community will gather for First Light Funeral: the first night of The Lighting of the Beeches marked with a special celebration of the life of the Newport Art Museum’s iconic Fernleaf Beech which is succumbing to age and is scheduled for removal this year.  Our celebration in honor of this beloved tree will feature a New Orleans’ style jazz funeral and night picnic on the lawn of the Newport Art Museum.

This living landmark has witnessed approximately 180 years of history in bustling downtown Newport and tells the story of our heritage as readily as our iconic architecture.

The festive evening of music, dance, food and drink will coincide with the museum’s popular Art After Dark series, when the museum doors remain open until 9:00 p.m. for free

Newport Art Museum
From historic Gilded Age landscapes still in cultivation today, to handwritten records of colonial-era hothouses that held specimens from all over the globe, Newport, Rhode Island is truly a living museum of American horticulture and landscape architecture. From its earliest days, Newport was a city of tree collectors and amateur botanists who reveled in the exploration of the planted world. In fact, at the turn of the last century, Newport’s collection of rare specimen trees was purported to rival that of Boston’s Arnold Arboretum.

Our legendary urban forest is now suffering from significant losses in its population of magnificent Gilded Age era trees. But our community has come together to take seriously the job of revitalizing our tree canopy and planting for the future. During Newport Arboretum Week, you are invited to explore your urban forest and take pride in the fact that you live in America’s Arboretum!