NPT HealthWorks, a leading provider of physical therapy, athlete support, nutrition and wellness consultation, has been announced as an Official Supplier of New York Yacht Club American Magic, a U.S. Challenger for the 36th America’s Cup. The America’s Cup is the oldest trophy in international sport, and the highest prize in sailing. American Magic’s primary base is in Rhode Island, with the team also maintaining a winter base in Pensacola, Florida. The U.S. Challenger is currently conducting athlete performance development and training at both locations with assistance from NPT HealthWorks. America’s Cup teams from around the world are preparing to compete on AC75 class boats, an advanced 75-foot foiling monohull powered by 11 sailors.

“When it comes to athlete health and injury prevention, NPT HealthWorks can provide the level of excellence and depth of experience needed by an America’s Cup team,” said Ryan West, Head of Athletic Performance for American Magic. “The physical demands of sailing an AC75 will exceed what has been asked of Cup sailors in the past, which underscores the challenge in front of us. NPT HealthWorks will play an important role in our success.”

“As a company passionate about helping individuals make better and informed decisions about their health, NPT HealthWorks is extremely excited to help the athletes and shore staff of American Magic perform at a high level, avoid injury, and recover efficiently from the rigors of a cup campaign,” said Dr. Daniel Hatch, owner of NPT HealthWorks. “Our knowledgeable and talented massage and physical therapists love working with sailors of all levels and we are honored to be part of this campaign to bring the America’s Cup back to Newport.”