Newport Plays. Newport Bikes. Newport Surfs. Newport Walk. What do you want to do in Newport? Every resident of Newport is impacted by the Open Space Master Plan. We all enjoy our parks, public space, streets, beaches, and scenic walks. This is the environment, both natural and manmade, that creates a healthy, vibrant city. Over 160 participants gathered at the Pell School in September to launch the first citywide open space planning effort since the early 1900’s. This ongoing effort, led by the Newport Open Space Partnership, gives Newporters the opportunity to help create a vision of parks and open space for the next century.

Join the Newport Open Space Partnership on January 28th, 2016 at the Pell School for the second community meeting of this planning process.

In 1913, Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr. created an open space plan for Newport, which greatly shaped how Newport developed over the past century.  Many of our beloved green and blue spaces like Miantonomi Park and Almy Pond are the result of Olmsted’s vision. Today, the Newport Open Space Partnership is working to plan for the next century of Newport’s parks, trees and open spaces, and it’s your opportunity to help shape the next era of Newport’s landscapes!

The Newport Open Space Partnership is embarking on a comprehensive open space planning process to create a vision for the long-term sustainability and stewardship of the parks, public open spaces, and trees in Newport. Phase 1 of the master planning process focused on discovering the existing conditions of Newport parks and open spaces, while in Phase 2 they’ve been working to develop ideas for the future. The second community meeting, on Thursday, January 28th at the Pell School, will include an informal open house beginning at 6:00 pm, followed by a presentation beginning at 6:30 pm.