“Balance & Power: The World on Two Wheels, 1885 – 1995” opens at the Audrain Automobile Museum on Sunday, February 20th

Motorcycles – exhilarating and adrenaline pumping! 

The development of two-wheeled vehicles has been no less fascinating than that of the four-wheeled variety. Ingenuity, innovation, daring and surprises have taken us from precarious balance in the air to fantastic speed barely above the road.

Starting life as modified bicycles, motorcycles advanced public transportation and excited people on and off the racetrack. As the popularity of motorcycles grew, several types were built to accommodate sporty, off-road and comfortable riding. 

Join the Audrain Automobile Museum and witness the journey mankind has made from bicycles to superbikes in the space of a century.

This exhibit shares highlights of the evolutionary journey from the earliest bikes built in the late 1800s up until the start of the technological boom in the 1990s. From teetering bicycles to roaring superbikes in the space of a century- you’ll see what makes riders, motorcyclists and bikers thrill to the freedom of the open air.