via People – Christine Ouzounian emerged from obscurity Wednesday when sources said Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s onetime nanny recently had an affair with Affleck, and potentially played a role in the power couple’s split.

A friend of Ouzounian’s tells PEOPLE the ex-nanny told friends the affair “has been going on for a long time;” adding, “Christine is in love with him.” (PEOPLE has not been able to reach Ouzounian for comment.)

Ben Affleck Nanny

Alright. Now hold on one second! This is who Ben Affleck is being accused of cheating with? Well, yea. Of course he did.

What did Jennifer Garner expect when she moved a smoking hot 28-year-old into her house? This is her fault, plain and simple. She sealed their fate the day she hired her. No one could pass this test. She set Ben up to fail.

This is why you can’t have a hot nanny.

And don’t believe me? How many of you would move this woman in with your husband (considering that your husband wasn’t just some basic slob that you don’t want to sleep with anymore but some academy award winner who has women throwing themselves at him all the time)???