Taylor Swift Calvin Harris 4th of July

BREAKING: Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Have Broken Up

Men of Rhode Island rejoice!!! According to People Magazine, Taylor Swift has kicked boyfriend Calvin Harris to curb, freeing her up for the summer season here in Little Rhody.

According to People Mag:

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris are going their separate ways.

The singer, 26, and the DJ, 32, have broken up, multiple sources confirm exclusively to PEOPLE.

“There was no drama. Things just don’t work out sometimes,” says an insider. “No one cheated.”

Seriously where does this rank on the greatest news you’ve ever heard? Man walks on moon? Pfft. Berlin Wall falls? Hardly. Bin Laden killed? Ok, not that cool.  But you get the point. We’re going to have T-Swift running wild around Rhode Island all summer with her posse of super models on the prowl. Buckle up because shit just got real! Think about the damage Bieber has done since he got rid of Selena, Taylor is going to make that look like child play!

PS – Can’t wait to hear the new album with all of the We’re never getting back together songs!

T-Swift. Hot in the streets…of Rhode Island!

Double PS – Everyone knows that if you’re going to break up, the beginning of summer is the time to do it. Taylor Swift = American genius!