Elm Street Pier Scheduled to Reopen by July 1st

Following severe damage inflicted by the winter storms, the iconic Elm Street Pier is set to undergo a transformation, with plans underway to reopen the beloved Point Pier just in time for the summer season.

Officials have announced the issuance of a Request for Proposal (RFP), signaling the beginning of efforts to restore the popular recreational spot. The aim is to have the pier operational by July 1st, catering to passive recreational activities. Additionally, pending the outcome of November’s infrastructure bond vote, preparations are being made to introduce a brand new structure featuring touch-and-go facilities by next summer.

The immediate focus outlined in the RFP involves the deconstruction of the unstable outer section of the pier. This will be followed by the installation of an extended floating dock, accompanied by a series of swim ladders aimed at enhancing recreational access to and from the water, ensuring safety and ease for visitors.

While these interim measures are being implemented, boaters relying on touch-and-go services are urged to utilize alternative docks within Newport Harbor. This temporary arrangement is deemed necessary until the complete reconstruction of the pier takes place over the winter period.

The announcement has been met with enthusiasm from residents and visitors alike, who eagerly anticipate the return of this cherished landmark. With plans in motion and community support behind the endeavor, the revival of the Point Pier promises to once again be a focal point for leisure and enjoyment in the coming summer months.




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