scratchy great white shark

First Great Whites of 2017 Detected off Cape Cod

The 2017 Atlantic white shark research field season has officially begun with two white shark detections on the receiver at Shark Cove, white shark’s Scratchy and Keelie.

Scratchy was the first detection of the season on June 2nd.

Scratchy, a 13 foot male, was was first seen in 2014. He was identified and cataloged by John Chisholm of the MA DMF, as part of a five year population study. Scratchy was then seen again in August 2015 and tagged by Dr. Greg Skomal of the MA DMF.

Scratchy was also the first white shark to return last year on June 11, 2016.

68 great white sharks were documented in New England waters in 2014, 142 great whites in 2015 and 147 great whites in 2016.

And the 2017 season is now off and running. How many will be here this year?