Following U.S. Supreme Court decision, bump stocks remain illegal in Rhode Island

In the wake of the Supreme Court’s decision in Garland v. Cargill, Attorney General Peter F. Neronha of Rhode Island has issued a resolute statement emphasizing the state’s commitment to gun safety amidst the striking down of a federal regulation concerning bump stocks.

The Court’s ruling, which overturns a federal ban on bump stocks implemented following the tragic 2017 Las Vegas shooting, has drawn a sharp response from Attorney General Neronha. He highlighted the devastating impact of the Las Vegas massacre, where a gunman equipped with bump stocks fired rapidly into a crowd, resulting in unprecedented casualties.

“Common sense gun regulation has always been paramount to keeping Rhode Islanders safe and secure,” stated Attorney General Neronha. Throughout his tenure, he has actively advocated for significant reforms to gun laws within the state, including bans on large capacity magazines, straw purchasing, and untraceable “ghost guns.” Most recently, Rhode Island enacted legislation mandating safe firearm storage when not in use, reflecting Neronha’s ongoing efforts to enhance public safety.

Despite the Supreme Court’s decision affecting federal jurisdiction over bump stocks, Attorney General Neronha underscored Rhode Island’s existing state law prohibiting devices that modify firearms to simulate automatic fire rates. This state-level ban on bump stocks remains steadfast and enforceable within Rhode Island.

“My office remains resolute in its commitment to combating illegal firearms and reducing the threat of gun violence in Rhode Island,” affirmed Neronha. “We will utilize every available resource to safeguard our communities and uphold sensible gun laws that shield innocent lives from harm.”

Attorney General Neronha’s proactive stance signals Rhode Island’s continued dedication to firearm safety measures, notwithstanding shifts in federal regulatory frameworks. As debates over gun control persist nationwide, Rhode Island stands firm in its resolve to prioritize public safety through robust legislative action and rigorous enforcement.




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