This just in from Newport’s legendary Carbotti family!

This announcement has been in the works for a while now. It has taken longer than anticipated to officially get the word out, but the time has come and what follows is a big deal for us, and something we are so excited to share! It is time for a company refresh.

We are not an experts in branding, but we received some seemingly simple, absolutely life-changing advice from an industry colleague a few years back. He said this: “Do what you do well, and let others do the same.” He encouraged us to own who we are, to be our most authentic selves. “Be real, smile, and listen,” he said. This is a simple concept, really. But in a world full of comparisons and constant striving to be a new versions of other people, it’s easy to get distracted by all of the noise. Navigating a competitive landscape of creative minds is often hard to do with authenticity and grace. And our maneuvering has not always been graceful. In fact, it has been pretty messy at times, but we have been ourselves, for better and for worse, offering to our clients something real in which we can believe.

For over three decades, who we are, was a company founded and led by an amazing artist, designer and teacher; our father, the late Richard Carbotti. His name on the logo was bigger than the company name, Perfect Surroundings, because he was the real company. He was the face and life of a brand he worked tirelessly to create in accordance with his own unique skillset and personality. But now it has been 35 years since our company opened its doors, and for the last six years we have been without the man that started it all. There was only one Richard, and so, in order be be our most authentic selves we have breathed new life into an established company by changing the name while keeping the most identifiable part of who we are.

Carbotti Experiences Newport RI

The foundation of our company has always been the relationships formed over three amazing decades, and it is on this foundation that we move forward towards this new and exciting chapter. Different name. Same team. Fresh new style. Even better experiences! We just have a new look! We have chosen clean, sharp, bold lines, with a gray scale palette that exudes a classic style and sophistication. And as we all know, black and white never goes out of style!

We are the same company with an impassioned love of design, even more dedicated to the creation of unique and tailored experiences. We have grown and evolved into an even more capable and creative entity with even broader reach and offerings. We have many of you to thank for this, and it is our hope that together we can continue to create and build exciting experiences for clients around the globe while elevating our great industry to new heights.

Carbotti Experiences will continue to design and produce unique corporate and social event experiences, and looks forward to expanding its portfolio of services into other lifestyle ventures. We sincerely appreciate all of the support from everyone, and we are grateful for the opportunity to set out on this new journey among such amazingly talented and visionary people. Please feel free to spread the word and take a look at our new website!

If you are on this list and we haven’t recently been in touch, we’d love to reconnect and let you know more about what we are up to.

Here is to a creative and productive future for us all!

-The Carbottis