Letter to the Editor: “I write to shed light on an important decision that our community faces, one that will significantly impact the future of Middletown.”

Dear Editor,

I write to shed light on an important decision that our community faces, one that will significantly impact the future of Middletown. At the core of this decision is the proposed school project, a substantial endeavor that warrants our careful consideration.

The project’s scope is extensive, encompassing key elements such as the construction of a new combined middle-high school, renovations to existing schools, and the reconfiguration of certain facilities. These changes aim to enhance the overall educational environment in our town, and their importance cannot be understated.

One notable aspect of this project is the financial incentive provided by the Rhode Island Housing Aid Bonus program. This program offers our town a 55% reimbursement on eligible expenses associated with the project. This represents a substantial cost reduction, allowing us to lower the expenses of school construction by 20%. It’s crucial to note that this bonus program is time-sensitive, with an expiration date of June 30, 2024. Failing to act before this deadline could result in 20% higher costs for our town without the benefit of reimbursement. This fiscally responsible approach is a critical consideration for our community.

Furthermore, it’s worth acknowledging that the Town’s School Building Committee has been diligently working on this project for a significant amount of time. Decisions made along the timeline have been reaffirmed through a thoughtful and collaborative process. This reflects our commitment to due diligence and comprehensive planning.

The decision before us is of paramount importance, and I urge every member of our community to exercise their right to vote on November 7th. Your participation in this decision-making process is crucial, as it directly impacts the future of our schools and our community as a whole. By casting your vote, you are contributing to the collective decision-making process that will shape Middletown’s future.

Let’s approach this decision with an open mind and a commitment to gathering all the relevant facts. This is not just an educational matter; it’s a community decision that will define our town for years to come. Our schools are integral to the fabric of Middletown, and their improvement is a reflection of our shared values and our commitment to the well-being of our students and our community. The Town’s website is a useful resource, addressing many central questions and concerns regarding the new school project, and can be accessed at the following URL: https://mdl.town/NewSchool.

In conclusion, I encourage all residents to get informed about the project, discuss it with your neighbors, and most importantly, vote on November 7th. Your participation is vital, and together, we can make an informed choice for the future of Middletown.

Shawn J. Brown, Middletown Town Administrator




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