Letter to the Editor: Middletown Council President – “The quality of our educational institutions directly impacts the opportunities available to our youth”

Dear Editor,

I recently had the opportunity to visit new school buildings in Saugus and Weymouth, Massachusetts, and the experience was truly eye-opening. It reminded me of the profound impact that modern, well-designed school facilities can have on a community.

These schools were more than just places of education; they were vibrant hubs that brought the community together. From state-of-the-art classrooms to spacious auditoriums and inviting common areas, these schools were designed with the community in mind. They hosted a wide range of events and activities, from parent-teacher meetings to cultural performances, creating a sense of togetherness that extended beyond the school day.

What struck me most during my visit was the overwhelming support from the residents, even those who no longer had children attending these schools. It underscored the understanding that investing in education benefits everyone, not just the students. It’s a sentiment I see echoed in Middletown, where our community rallies behind our schools, knowing that they are the cornerstone of our town’s future.

The stark contrast between the schools I visited and our current Middletown school buildings was undeniable. It made me realize how much we’re failing our Middletown students with the current facilities. Our aging buildings simply can’t provide the modern, conducive learning environments that our students need and deserve.

We’d like to create schools that serve as a model for what a unique, special place Middletown truly is, something our current buildings lack. Studies have consistently shown that better schools yield better results for students, whether it’s their success in college, the military, or the workforce. The quality of our educational institutions directly impacts the opportunities available to our youth. By providing modern, well-equipped facilities, we are ensuring that Middletown students have the best chance to excel and thrive.

Our current school buildings no longer meet the needs of our students or our community. It’s time for us to invest in their future and create learning environments that will empower them to succeed. The upcoming school bond is an opportunity to do just that, and we understand that we’re asking for a lot. However, the numbers show that if we don’t act now, we’ll end up paying more later and lose a good portion of the state reimbursements.

By supporting this bond, we are not just building schools; we are building a stronger, more connected community. We are investing in our children’s future and ensuring that they have access to the best possible education. We are creating spaces where residents can come together, celebrate achievements, and support one another, just as I witnessed in Saugus and Weymouth.

I believe that Middletown can do better, and we have the chance to do so by voting in favor of the school bond. Let’s seize this opportunity to strengthen our community, boost our pride, and create a model sense of place that we can all be proud of.

Paul M. Rodrigues
Middletown Town Council President




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