Newport City Councilors Secure $8 Million Bond for Cliff Walk Restoration in Governor McKee’s FY 2025 Budget

In a groundbreaking achievement, Newport City Councilors David Carlin, Charlie Holder, Lynn Underwood Ceglie, and Jeanne-Marie Napolitano have successfully secured a significant $8 million bond in Governor McKee’s FY 2025 Budget earmarked for the comprehensive restoration and enhancement of Newport’s iconic Cliff Walk.

The community is buzzing with excitement as we extend a massive round of applause to these dedicated councilors for their exceptional efforts!  Their unwavering commitment to preserving and improving one of Newport’s cherished landmarks deserves recognition.

The $8 million bond stands as a testament to the foresight and proactive approach of the City Councilors in addressing the restoration needs of the Cliff Walk. This scenic coastal path, renowned for its breathtaking views and natural beauty, will now receive the attention it deserves to ensure its longevity and accessibility for generations to come.

Residents and visitors alike can anticipate a revitalized Cliff Walk, thanks to the tireless dedication and hard work of Councilors Carlin, Holder, Ceglie, and Napolitano. The bond, embedded in Governor McKee’s budget for the fiscal year 2025, reflects a shared commitment to preserving Newport’s cultural and natural heritage.

Once again, congratulations to Councilors David Carlin, Charlie Holder, Lynn Underwood Ceglie, and Jeanne-Marie Napolitano for their instrumental role in securing this transformative bond. Newport looks forward to witnessing the positive impact of this significant investment on the Cliff Walk and the community at large.




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