Southern End Of Cliff Walk Reopens After Sinkhole Repairs

Visitors to Newport’s Cliff Walk can now enjoy uninterrupted access to the trail’s rugged southern end, following the completion of repairs on an elevated walkway behind the Miramar estate. This section had been closed since April due to a suspected sinkhole beneath a concrete sidewalk on one of the most scenic and remote parts of the 3.5-mile coastal trail.

The repairs, funded by the Schwarzman family, addressed the critical issue and restored the pathway. The project emphasized the importance of collaboration with private property owners. Engineers, coordinating with these property owners, completed the repairs in a matter of weeks, incurring no cost to taxpayers.

“This was a truly remarkable effort on behalf of the property owners, the City, and a real service to the community,” said Peter Janaros, Chair of the City’s Cliff Walk Commission. “Everybody should be applauded all around: From our volunteer who first brought the potential hazard to the attention of the City, to the property owners, who were able to secure the proper State approvals and generously funded the repairs. If not for the incredible spirit of community that surrounds the Cliff Walk, we simply wouldn’t have been able to get this section of walkway reopened in time for summer. We are immensely grateful to everyone involved in this effort, especially Mr. and Mrs. Schwarzman and their incredible team at Miramar.”

Stretching along the eastern shore of Aquidneck Island, the Cliff Walk has long been Rhode Island’s premier tourist attraction, generating millions of dollars annually for the local economy. Recognized as a National Recreation Trail by the National Trust for Historic Preservation, the walk is cherished for its natural beauty and historical significance.




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