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by Barry Hinckley

A groundbreaking, new learning platform, Unschool.school is launching in six cities across America, including Newport, promising to deliver supplemental and eventually full-time curriculums for K-12 learners by leveraging educators and subject matter experts with available space in our community.

Conceived as a solution for middle-income families, who can’t afford high private school tuition as well as parents with learners who would benefit from a self-directed curriculum versus the one-size-fits-all curriculum found at the local public schools, Unschool.school has a goal to educate a full time learner for around $7,200 per year. Through strategic partnerships, Unschool.school leverages under-utilized daytime spaces and retired teachers or other subject matter experts.

The platform is ideally suited for classes comprised of small groups of homeschoolers or learners who would like to homeschool, but whose parents both work or would prefer expert educators. The Unschool.school platform is also designed for the discovery and enrollment of co-curriculars, like sports, music and drama activities, allowing parents to design an entire learning experience for their child learner…all in one place.

So if you are frustrated with the educational choices for your learner, visit www.unschool.school, create a free parent profile, and check back as more educators sign on and offer classes and activities. If you are a retiree or have some free time and have some knowledge that new generations can benefit from, please head to Unschool.school, build a profile and offer a class or two on the platform. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but if we all pull together as a community, we are confident that we can offer great alternatives to traditional education for children and their families.