How about this for video of the year nominee?

A video from the North Carolina Department of Transportation shows Raleigh police officer Dan Hicks, who was on his way home, encounter a suicidal man sitting on the edge of a bridge. What happens next is amazing.

Police got a call about a man who was hanging over the edge of a bridge just after 7 p.m. The officer was off duty and was headed home, but stopped and reached out to the man and developed a rapport with him.

After a short period of time, the man agreed to come off the bridge. Then in what could only be described as an emotional act of compassion and humanity, the officer hugged the man before walking him back to a car.

“When I was pulling him in tight, the only thing that I said to him was that ‘you’re OK’ and ‘it’s over,'” Hicks said, “He was in a very dire position, and I think he had some very bad thoughts going through his mind about how he felt about himself, but I also think he wanted help.”

The unnamed man received mental health help afterwards.

Wow, what a video! This is as real a human moment as you can find. Just two strangers connecting in a moment of need. This really shows the power of compassion and a hug…

Wait, is someone chopping onions around here?