Senator Reed Helps Pass Short-term FAA Reauthorization

In an effort to bolster air safety and prevent travel disruptions during the busy holiday season, the U.S. Senate approved a short-term reauthorization of Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) financing and fee-collection authorities late last night. The temporary extension was needed or these FAA authorized would have expired on December 31.

U.S. Senator Jack Reed, a senior member of the Appropriations subcommittee that oversees FAA funding, supported the three-month extension, which extends the FAA’s authority out to March 8, 2024.

“This is a needed short-term fix. I am committed to working on a comprehensive, multi-year FAA reauthorization that enhances aviation safety, improves airline service, and provides better consumer protections for passengers,” said Senator Reed. “U.S. airports and airlines have seen substantial growth, and we must ensure we continue to invest in the technology, facilities, and infrastructure to handle it.”

The U.S. House of Representatives approved the short-term FAA reauthorization bill earlier this month, so it now goes to President Biden to be signed into law.

The FAA’s current authorization dates back to 2018, when the most recent long-term reauthorization bill was passed.




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