Pasta Beach

Seriously? Newport Zoning Board denies Pasta Beach petition for outside seating

The Newport Zoning Board failed to approve Pasta Beach’s petition to add four tables in their 900 square foot back courtyard citing a lack of parking spaces. Hey guess what? This is Newport, no one has parking!!! Here’s the deal, if we tried to apply this same standard to every other bar and restaurant in town, most of them would have to shut down.

Four votes were necessary for the approval and board members Wick Rudd, Heidi Blank and Bart Grimes, voted to approve the variance. However, the petition was denied when board members Charles Allott and Robert Buzzard voted against economic progress, the free market, job creation and the American Way.

Karen Nash, who lives down the street from the restaurant and apparently hates fun and delicious Italian, was the chief NIMBY agitator and spoke against the restaurant.

Prediction: This bananaland decision is overturned in court!


Let’s check in with Joaquin Phoenix for his thoughts on this decision.