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The Audrain Announces Launch of Linkage Magazine

As part of its mission to “Preserve, Celebrate and Share Automotive History”, the Audrain announced the launch of their new global publication, Linkage, a glossy quarterly magazine and digital hub that is “geared for the Automotive Life”.

Linkage goes beyond automotive history, bringing the reader unforgettable experiences, opinions and values from some of the world’s top automotive experts, influencers, educators and true enthusiasts- creating the ultimate source for the automotive life. Led by seasoned industry editorial experts, Chester Allen and Jim Pickering, Linkage has the horsepower to climb to the top of the automotive publications list.

“Most journalists never get a chance to create a new, cutting-edge magazine from the ground up, but Donald and Nick have given me that delightful task. I’m looking forward to working with the world’s best car writers, graphic designers and photographers. I’m also looking forward to hearing from our new readers and meeting them at car events,” said Chester Allen.

 “I have worked closely with both Chester and Jim for many years and have come to admire and appreciate their professionalism, knowledge, passion and humor,” enthused Donald Osborne, Audrain CEO. “It’s a thrill, honor and pleasure to be able to have them on the team as we create with Linkage magazine and our new website an exciting and new communications vehicle- pun intended- that will help bring together the world of people who truly live for motor vehicles.”

LINKING THE READER WITH REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES: How you use your car is key, and we use words, photos and graphic treatments to tell those stories. We cover events in the car world both large and small, taking you with us to see things you haven’t seen before, and bringing you new perspectives on your favorite shows and concours. We’ll show you great roads and point out what cars are best suited for them. We’ll take you with us on road trips, rallies and tours. Most of all, we’ll show you how you can get the most out of your own experience, from a beginner who is just getting into cars through the high-end collector looking for what’s next.

LINKING THE READER WITH EDUCATED OPINIONS: Our team of experts is built of voices you might know, as well as up-and-comers you’ll grow to love. Our columnists tell you how they see it, bringing with them reasoned and diverse points of view that will raise questions and open up conversations. Car people are linked together through the same passions, and this is where we highlight and discuss our differences and similarities.

LINKING THE READER WITH TRUE VALUES: Knowing what your car — or a car you’ve always wanted — is worth is key, and we’re here to help. We offer an in-depth look at the auction world, bringing you expert analysis on a range of classic car sales from around the globe. From million-dollar Bugattis to next-gen Datsuns, all aspects of the collector car market are square in our sights. We’re here to keep you informed so you can make smart decisions.

Audrain’s LINKAGE is where these factors connect and function together to celebrate the passion that drives us all. 

The first issue of Linkage will be unveiled in Fall 2020. Be on the lookout for this and many other digital initiatives, including the new Linkage website, YouTube videos, virtual seminars, e-publications and more, all brought to you by the Audrain.