UFO Newport RI

They’re here! UFOs spotted over Ocean Drive in Newport, RI

Ok so we all remember way back to December 2017 when the Navy pilots found aliens and the former Pentagon head of the secret X-Files program went on national TV and told us aliens were real and then the Pentagon had to come out and basically confirm it, right?

Well…in just an absolute horrifying video sent to us by Newport Buzz reader Shawn Carter it appears that Newport is under imminent invasion from an extraterrestrial attack force.

“At about 8:30 PM on March 30th, I noticed a bright “light” above the horizon in the sky. It was unusually bright, easily the brightest thing in the sky. It was clear it wasn’t a star, planet or moon,” said Carter. “On the left side of the sky, I noticed an object coming towards to direction of the “light”. To the naked eye it was a ball of light, but you can see a greyish black object blinking a light in the video. I watched as this thing traveled across the sky, it gets close to the large “light” in the sky & seemingly goes THROUGH it, or at the very least, goes directly in front of it. I watch it as it continues right across the sky, eventually stopping & hovering, blinking a light.”

“Another one of these objects appears near the first light & goes right also, so now all 3 of these “lights” are in a far line in the sky across the horizon. I turn my attention back to the first big “light”. It’s still hovering in place,” Carter continued. “After some seconds I notice very daily flickering of a light to the right of the light. After 20 seconds or so the blinking stops and a large light identical to the first one appears!!!!!” 

Carter continued, “At this time, the first “light” travels slowly left and slightly up on angle. As this happens the other light moves slightly to the original spot of the first light. Out by where the first light is, I notice various small “lights” around it. The “light” stops at some point, goes up some, and then does an impossible left turn AND FLIES OVER ME. I was able to get various colors & lights UNDERNEATH this craft. A crazy shape. The SHIP then continued right into the night sky.”

Welp folks, I hate to be the one to break it to you but, the aliens are HERE, again!!!

Oh you don’t think so? Ok then Copernicus, tell me what that was! Right, you can’t because that was a God forsaken UF friggen O right here over Newport, RI!!

Watch the video!

Now this makes those UFO studies from the Pentagon X-Files feel just that more real!

And let’s not forget, Luis Elizondo who oversaw the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program, which ran for five years between 2007 and 2012, recently confirmed the existence of aliens.


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