FitVine Wine has been named a partner of the Boston Red Sox for the next three years…

The deal will give FitVine Wine the rights to use the Boston Red Sox logos for branding and marketing purposes, host happy hours and samplings at the club’s Women’s Fantasy Camp at JetBlue Park, and hold sweepstakes on, just to name a few.

“We are honored to be representing the Boston Red Sox brand as a partner,” said Mark Warren, Co-Founder of FitVine Wine, “and also to have the opportunity to introduce the fans to our line of clean wine. It’s especially exciting for our company, as two of our three founders, myself being one, are originally from Massachusetts and still reside there part of the year.”

“It’s great to be working with a company that has founders with New England roots,” said Red Sox Executive Vice President Troup Parkinson. “We are pleased to have FitVine Wine as a Red Sox partner and look forward to working with them to introduce their low-calorie wines to our fans.”

FitVine Wine was created for the wine enthusiasts who also care about living an active and healthy lifestyle. Dedicated to making wines low in calories and carbohydrates without compromising flavor or mouthfeel, FitVine chooses only the highest quality grapes from small farmers who focus on quality, not quantity. “As active wine enthusiasts, we created this clean wine for those looking to lead a fun, yet health conscious, lifestyle, and we’re thrilled to bring that message to Fenway Park as we support the team this season and beyond,” said Mark Warren.

FitVine Wine will also speak directly to Red Sox female fans by bringing them a very exciting sweepstakes where fans will have the opportunity to live out their dream of playing in the big leagues!

The FitVine Fermentation process

To create wines that are clean tasting and rich in flavor and mouthfeel, FitVine puts their wines through malolactic fermentation and performs dry fermentation with no residual sugar levels. Any remaining sugar in FitVine wine is only that which is naturally found in the alcohol and is less than 0.2g per 5oz glass. Not only does FitVine’s proprietary process allow them to extract more color and tannins, they also filter all their wines with both diatomaceous earth and micron pads resulting in wines that contain sulfites at <35 ppm (parts per million).

What Does All This Mean?

FitVine takes the extra time and effort to create wines that are not only clean tasting but also have the flavor, mouthfeel and alcohol you expect from a great wine.

About FitVine Wine

FitVine Wine was born when three friends made a pact to craft amazing wines that also fit their lifestyles. Our team is always on the go, whether we’re doing CrossFit, cycling, running, skiing, paddle boarding, or just enjoying the outdoors. We set about combining our love for wine and fitness with an ethic for sustainability.

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