Three videos shot Tuesday night show a 10 – 12 foot great white shark 5 feet off of Race Point Beach off of Provincetown, MA.

The first two videos from Adam Kossler were taken while he was fishing.


Here’s his story –

I just saw the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen. While fishing at race point in Cape Cod I was live lining a mackerel when a seal took the bait. I attempted to slow the seal down from running with the bait. While I had the seal on the line, a great white shark attacked him. Biggest explosion ive ever seen in the water. Then the shark pushed the seal right up to the beach and ate the seal right in front of me. I managed to get it on video.

The third video was shot by Sarah Chapman who was at the beach to take in the sunset with her family.

Here’s Sarah’s story –

So tonight after dinner we went to get ice cream. It was just about time for sunset so I took the boys to Race Point. It was a beautiful sunset and the boys were playing tag when I noticed a big commotion in the water to my right. A seal jumped 5 feet out of the water. I knew it was being chased so we scanned the water and sure enough we saw another huge splash and a massive pool of blood about 30 ft from shore. We ran to see it closer and the baby seal was severely injured and dying fast. Then we saw a massive 13ft shark (my guess is great white) 5 ft from shore circling the seal. I only got this video and then my dumb phone died. A man fishing next to us got much better video and I asked him to send it to me. If he does I will post. The shark took 20 minutes to finally eat the seal. Watching the whole event was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen. It all happened at dusk and about 10 to 3 feet from shore. I will never, ever go I these waters again. Holy cow. What an experience. The kids are still reeling from watching the event.

On Monday, researchers from the Atlantic White Shark Conservancy caught some amazing underwater footage of a great white eating a grey seal off  Monomoy.