VIA – NEA Middletown

For 20 years we have been concerned and disappointed in the actions of our superintendent.  The lack of transparency and lack of constructive leadership have led to years of strained relations and mistrust.

Due to budget reductions, many programs have been eliminated.  Some of the cuts include: after school buses available for all students, elementary reading interventionists, music programs, elementary art, a college and career readiness position, cuts to librarians, reduction in numbers of guidance counselors, teacher assistant support, and others.  Recently, it has come to light that during this time, behind closed doors, performance bonuses were awarded totaling $250,000 over six years.

The mistrust was most recently on display when the Town Council publicly exposed the financial irregularities that have taken place over many years concealed by actions taken in executive session.  This triggered the Town Council’s decision to level fund the school department budget.  Painful cuts to programs will take place and students’ education will be negatively affected once again.

Yesterday, NEA Middletown voted no confidence in Superintendent Rosemarie Kraeger which reaffirms previous votes of no confidence.  We hope that this vote will prompt the School Committee to implement changes to improve leadership and transparency.