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From Bouwe Bekking – Skipper, Team Brunel

Without a doubt Newport was the best stopover so far in our opinion: extremely well organised, great facilities, an enthusiastic and understanding public, and plenty more points – I can keep going on blowing smoke.

A huge thanks to Brad Read, Sail Newport and all volunteers to make it happen.

I hope you enjoyed the reports from our leg jumper, or shall I call him leg diver. Kenny Read. It was pretty hard for him to be a passenger, being a fierce competitor himself. You like to compete, but as a guest you can’t do anything. But he clearly enjoyed the great turn out on and off the water and still had a smile on his face after his magnificent dive off our boat and floating on the water.

Now we are again in a different world, just us on this big grey ocean, a huge contrast compared to the last 14 days. It looks like a tricky leg, not super fast with lots of stop and go. It will be fun to watch I am sure. So far everybody has the same strategy, but I think that will change during the leg.