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This “Amen-Dola” parody of “Hallelujah” is the best song of 2018

photo via SceneBoston.com


Last year at this time Ian Biggs and Ian Cunningham dropped the incredibly viral “Brady Pull Me Closer” Chainsmokers parody and went crazy viral while establishing themselves the king of New England Patriots song tributes. And this year they’ve outdone themselves

Forget all of the garbage you heard Sunday night at the Grammy’s, this should have won all the awards. Nice job, crew, and go Pats!!!


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Based on the song “Hallelujah” originally by Leonard Cohen. Parody lyrics written by Ian Cunningham (@bigianc) (additional writing credit for Angelina Nardella, and Ian Biggs Performed by Ian Biggs (@ianbiggsmusic), Sarah Gonzalez (@sarahhgonzo), Amy Vento (amyy24_), and Gina Jeannette (ginajeannetteofficial) Produced by Ian Biggs and Ian Cunningham Engineered by Ian Biggs Mixed and mastered by Chris Wallitsch  Video filmed by Ben Hellman, and Eli Gomez Video edited by Ian Cunningham Special thanks to the following inspirations, fame, Kate Voegle, Chelsey Hagan, Amy Vento, the late James Cunningham and the late great “Fishy”.


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