It all started innocently enough when Julian Edelman tried to make fun of the voice of the greatest man on earth.

You know, the greatest quarterback of all-time who impregnates supermodels with a simple hello.

And then Gronk jumped into the fight with this!

Gronk Brady

If you’re Tom Brady, you just let Gronk’s slight go because who cares how high the greatest man to ever throw on the pads can jump? No one.

But you can’t let a dude make fun of your voice. No way, no how. Certainly not when he tries to make you sound like Mickey Mouse on helium!!! So rightfully, Brady called Edelman out for posing for the cameras when he damn sure should have been throwing blocks for the GOAT!

Brady Edelman

Smackdown achieved. Right?


Edelman comes out of left field with this haymaker!

Edelman Brady

All I know is that Belichick better get a handle on this before it spirals out of control! 🙂

PS – I’ve legitimately watched that Edelman vine 50 times on repeat and just just keeps getting funnier!


Gronk comes off the top rope!!!! Holy shit! It’s a cage match!!!!

Please Mr. Kraft, make it stop!!!!

gronk brady 2