Ok, so I was going to let this die its natural internet death but Walmart fight mom Amber Stephenson apparently just doesn’t want it to go away. In fact, she thinks it’s funny that she involved her six year-old son in a fight.

Yesterday she called into a radio talk show to discuss the fight and blamed it on alleged racist remarks the other woman made. (None of the videos recorded any such remarks and no witnesses have come forward to corroborate her story.)

She said “My son takes martial arts classes. He’s been going to the gym for several years with his father. I mean, he’s been in the gym for a long time,” she said. “He got a little crazy. I don’t have to worry about him ever being bullied.”

She described the boy as an honor roll student and teacher’s pet. She said his martial arts teachers have taught him not to back down.

So he’s basically Bruce Lee with Stephen Hawking’s brain? Yea, sure!

And now today she shared this on her Facebook Page.



Here’s  the video she just shared –

Here she is on the radio show.

Not sure this story could get more white trash if we tried!

Someone needs to step in and remove that child from her care, before she does any more damage to him that years of therapy will never fix!


Just incase you haven’t seen the original fight video you can see it here.


h/t Philtres Newport