5 Reasons Rhode Island Lottery’s Holiday Instant Tickets Make Gift Giving Wicked Easy!

Besides the chance to win cash prizes up to $30,000, we’ve rounded up 5 reasons to give Rhode Island Lottery Holiday Instant Tickets this Holiday Season!

1. Easy! There are approximately 800 Instant Ticket Rhode Island Lottery Retailers across the state which make it very easy to pick up a last-minute gift from just about anywhere!
2. Inexpensive. Rhode Island Lottery’s Holiday Instant Tickets range from $1-$10. You could buy all 4 and bundle them as gift under $20!
3. Fun!! Many people have traditions around the holidays, some include Holiday Instant Tickets on your dinner plate, in your stocking, or as a gift tag on a present. They are a staple at many holiday parties and Christmas mornings.
4. 2nd Chance! The holiday Instant Tickets are a gift that keeps on giving. If you don’t win instantly, then enter the Holiday Instant Tickets on the Rhode Island Lottery’s website in the Gift Wrapped Giveaway for a 2nd chance to win more cash! $18,000 in total prizes will be awarded!
5. Local. Rhode Islanders love to give and shop local, especially being such a small state! Pair the Holiday Instant Tickets with some coffee milk or Johnny Cakes and you’ve got the perfect Rhody gift for that someone special.





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