Rhode Island Woman Wins $87,480 Playing RI Lottery’s Phone Number

A woman from Johnston won $87,480 playing the last 4 digits of the Rhode Island Lottery’s phone number: 6 5 0 0. She played six combination tickets wagering $5 on each at Shop N Go, 1569 Plainfield Pike, Johnston. She said she felt the number come to her while driving, then when she saw Rhode Island Lottery’s phone number displayed at the check-out counter, she knew she had to play them. This is her second Daily Numbers win in two months. Last month, she “felt and saw” the numbers 9 9 8 8 and won $21,675 on two combination tickets.

She now has a total of $109,155 from playing numbers based on feelings and visions that come to her. She said, “When I feel it, I play it” and plans to put the money towards her new hydration business to help people with cancer. She also plans to give some of her winnings back to the retailer clerk that sold her the tickets to pay it forward. She stated, “you get what you give and the good always overcomes the bad.”

As part of the Narragansett Native American Tribe, she is called “The Light of the Family,” and said my children and grandchildren get everything. Before leaving the Rhode Island Lottery Headquarters, she said, “I’ll be back.”




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