Foiling Kiteboarder Casey Brown takes another 3 minutes and 06 seconds off the Around Jamestown Record

A new outright record was set Saturday, October 30th for the  Around Jamestown Record. Casey Brown on his Foiling Kiteboard, Wyspa Tech, completed his attempt around Jamestown with an elapsed time of 47 minutes and 42 seconds and an average speed of 22.4 knots. This bests the previous record of 00:50:48, set just 11 days earlier by Rob Spets, also on a Foiling Kiteboard.

Casey chose to sail the course south from the start off Fort Adams at 08:59:29 EST. Brown departed in an 18-knot ESE breeze in a slack tide.

This was Casey’s first attempt to set the Around Jamestown Record, however he has been kiting for six years and foiling for the past three.

Brown said on the record, “It was fun, pretty perfect conditions other than 7-8 foot waves at Beavertail, but flat the rest of the way. Nice easterly, high teens with a couple of puffs up to 30. There were a lot of fish, I hit about five and crashed, along with three other crashes, but all in all pretty quick. I’ve been thinking about this record for a long time, so I’m just stoked, it’s pretty cool to break it. 

I knew I was a close [to breaking the record], I had one crash close to the finish and I thought that might have put me over the edge. It was pretty tough on the legs especially reaching and then deciding how fast to push. If you go quick the entire time, you will crash a lot more and sap energy.

And I think you can probably still take time off the record, maybe get it down to 40 minutes in perfect conditions.”


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