Frosty Freez’s annual April 1st opening has been POSTPONED!

Frosty Freez’s annual April 1 opening has been postponed for a couple weeks according to an Instagram post the ice cream favorite made Friday afternoon.

“Dear Customers, we regret to inform you all that we have to postpone opening this year,” Frosty Freez worte. “JP Hood suffered a recent cyber attack, and shut down all production temporarily. Our vendors are unable to tell us when they’ll have our premium soft serve available.”

“In addition, we’re experiencing unforeseen equipment problems, and of course good ol’ supply chain issues. Not only do we prefer to open up and greet you with smiles, and have the shop running as it should, the stress is not healthy. We hope you forgive us for making you wait a little longer for a taste of summer, but we’ll be open ASAP!! We’re hoping all is sorted out in the next few weeks, as soon as we have a definite date we’ll post it everywhere! Thank you for understanding, we miss you too, see you soon!!”

We’ll keep you updated here when a new date is announced;



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