What a sick, sick world we live in! So here I am today just minding my own business and prepping to meet HRH Prince Edward (NBD) and cheer him on in a doubles court tennis match with my good friend Marc Lewinstein when the foulest of evils arrived in my mailbox.

I was conducting my daily business without a care in the world when I found this letter in my mail box.

Gogglegate ransom letter

When I saw the odd fonts, part of me thought the letter was going to contain some random powdery substance but no, it was much worse.

Not since the Zodiac Killer has a criminal been so depraved with their taunting. 

Newport Buzz Gogglegate

I was hoping to put this incident behind me but this sicko just couldn’t let it go.

What a cruel sick world, indeed!

What’s even worse is to see the condition of the goggles, their beautiful silver luster has been snuffed out by this animal!

Amy Bruni Kristin MacMannis Christian Winthrop

Christian Winthrop Newport RI