12 Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Did you wait till the last minute again? Don’t worry, here are a few quick and easy costumes that you can put together with what’s around your pad.


  1. Some tighty whities, socks and a button-down and suddenly you’re Tom Cruise in Risky Business.

Halloween 1

2. Don’t want to be Tom? Then throw on some glasses and moccasin boots and now you’re Walter White! (leave the gun at home, Rambo)

halloween 4

3. If you don’t have any of that, you could always go as an underwear model. (Bonus points if you weigh over 275lbs)

Halloween 6

4. or you could just go as a “night in”


5. Have a red bandana? Well now you’re Rosie the Riveter


6. God’s Gift to Women, anyone?


7. Make your own VIP line. Best way to meet girls. Guaranteed!

halloween 3

8. One for the nerds

halloween 7

9. Just lay your cards on the table as a one night stand. It will be much less awkward in the am.

halloween 8

10. Your sibling doesn’t have a costume either? 

halloween 2

11. If you’re super lazy.

halloween 5

12. by the way, slutty whatever always works well!

halloween costume


So whatever or whoever you end up going as, Happy Halloween!

and don’t drink and drive.

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