Major Traffic Pattern Changes Coming to I-95 North in Providence Saturday, Jan 6

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) is set to implement significant changes to the traffic patterns on I-95 North in Providence starting tomorrow morning, Saturday, January 6. These adjustments are part of the ongoing Providence Viaduct Northbound project, aiming to enhance safety and reduce congestion on one of the busiest stretches of highway in the state.

The focal point of the changes is the introduction of a new service road to segregate I-95 North through traffic from on and off-ramp traffic, ultimately fostering a safer driving environment and minimizing delays, congestion, and vehicle emissions.

A key aspect of this alteration is the relocation of Exit 38 (old Exit 23) for Route 146 and State Offices. The exit will now be situated approximately one mile south of its previous location, prompting drivers to adjust their approach and plan accordingly.

Here is a summary of the upcoming changes:

I-95 North Through Traffic:

  • Utilize the two left lanes to continue on I-95. These express lanes will stretch over the Providence Viaduct with no exits until the Branch Avenue off-ramp (Exit 39A).

I-95 North to Route 146 North:

  • Use the right lane at the newly relocated Exit 38. Once on the new service road, both left lanes will guide onto Route 146 North.

I-95 North to State Offices:

  • Use the right lane at the newly relocated Exit 38. On the new service road, employ the far right lane to access the State Offices exit.

Route 6/10 Connector and Downtown to I-95 North:

  • Traffic will enter the new service road and stay in the right lane. Near the State Offices exit, follow signs to I-95 North.

Route 6/10 Connector and Downtown to Route 146 North:

  • Traffic will enter the new service road and use the two left lanes onto Route 146 North.

Atwells Ave On-Ramp to I-95 North or Route 146 North:

  • Traffic will enter the new service road. Use the two left lanes to access Route 146 North or the right lane to access I-95 North.

RIDOT has developed computer animations illustrating the new traffic patterns, available on their website at The department encourages drivers to familiarize themselves with these changes, particularly the relocated Exit 38 for Route 146/State Offices, prior to the modifications taking effect.

Motorists are urged not to slow down or abruptly change lanes at the new split for the Route 146/State Offices exit. In the event of a missed exit, drivers should continue on I-95 North and take the Branch Avenue exit, leading to Route 146 or North Main Street.

The Providence Viaduct Northbound project involves replacing the nearly 1,300-foot long I-95 North Viaduct and rebuilding ten additional bridges, addressing critical safety concerns. The entire project is expected to conclude in the fall of 2025. Further information about the project is available at

As with all construction projects, schedules and scopes are subject to change based on needs, circumstances, findings, and weather conditions.




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