MBTA votes to kill late-night T service in Boston

With zero debate, the MBTA voted unanimously on Monday to cut late night T service in Boston on weekends. The cuts will end T service after midnight on Friday and Saturday nights, and are slated to take effect on March 18. Currently, the T stops operating at 2:00 a.m. on weekend nights.

Is this real life? Really this is just Boston saying that they don’t want to be a real city. Could you imagine this ever happening in New York? Never!

Let’s look at the tale of the tape.

Boston: Obviously Boston ✔
NYC – Yankees suck

Boston: ends at midnight
NYC: 24/7 ✔

Boston: Closing time – 2am
NYC: Closing time – 4am ✔

Happy Hour:
Boston: Nope
NYC: of course! ✔

Boozy Brunch:
Boston: nada
NYC: It’s a sport! ✔

Food Delivery (per Seamless Web)
Boston: pizza
NYC: essentially everything ✔

Boston: Thank God for Uber
NYC: Raise your arm ✔

I have lived in both cities and really there’s no comparison, New York City wins in a landslide.

Come on Boston, be better. Please!