Newport Pickleball to Open Summer 2024 at the Island Cinemas Location

Pickleball enthusiasts in Rhode Island are eagerly anticipating the grand opening of Newport Pickleball at the iconic Island Cinemas 10 location on West Main Road in Middletown this summer. Entrepreneurs John Theberge and Chuck Irving are leading the charge, aiming to revolutionize the region’s pickleball and recreation community with a state-of-the-art facility.

Newport Pickleball plans to redefine Aquidneck Island’s sports and recreational scene with its impressive features. The facility is slated to feature 11 indoor courts, offering ample space and noise controls to cater to players of all skill levels. Beyond the courts, the club will boast an inviting lounge area where players and friends can unwind, socialize, and enjoy refreshments. Additionally, a dedicated space for private events will be available.

Co-founder John Theberge expressed his excitement for the project, stating, “We are thrilled to bring this world-class pickleball facility to Aquidneck Island. Our goal is to create a hub for the island community, where players can come together year-round to enjoy this hugely popular, multi-generational sport and forge lasting connections in the community through our social and entertainment events.”

Chuck Irving, co-founder of Newport Pickleball, emphasized that the club is more than just a sports venue. He said, “Newport Pickleball is a space where the community can gather, have fun, and stay active. We believe this will contribute to the enormous demand for noise-controlled court space and enhance Aquidneck Island’s social fabric and local entertainment options, which are world-class.”

Details about family and individual memberships will be released in the coming weeks, with early registration available on

Longtime local resident Dan Herchenroether shared his thoughts on the new club, saying, “Island Cinemas 10 was a valued place for gathering and entertainment in our community. I’m glad the site will continue to be a destination for individuals and families to come together, while creating a new opportunity to enjoy year-round access to pickleball, a healthy and fun activity that has become a family favorite pastime in our community.”

As Newport Pickleball gears up for its Summer 2024 opening, the community is invited to join the festivities, which will include exhibitions, food trucks, friendly matches, new player connections, group clinics, youth and kid camps, and opportunities to try out Pickleball—the country’s fastest-growing sport. Specific event dates will be announced in the Spring. The club also plans to generate new job opportunities by hiring locally, and resident community members are encouraged to apply for positions as opening day approaches.




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