Newport Receives $3.2 Million Grant for King Park Shoreline Resilience Improvements

In a collaborative effort between Governor Dan McKee and the Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, a significant announcement was made today regarding the disbursement of $12 million in Action Grants for participants of the Municipal Resilience Program (MRP). These grants, derived from the 2022 voter-approved Green Bond, aim to empower communities to enhance their climate resilience through targeted local initiatives.

(l-r) Former Newport Mayor Jeanne-Marie Napolitano, Councilor Lynn Ceglie, Governor Dan McKee

Governor Dan McKee underscored the importance of investing in community resilience, stating, “Investing in Rhode Island’s communities isn’t just a prudent decision but a crucial step in securing a resilient future. The impacts of flooding and storms have been wide-ranging throughout our state, but with this funding from the voter-approved Green Bond, we can mitigate those risks, improve our response, and adapt to meet the climate change challenge.”

The Green Bond, a key source of funding, designates $16 million for the MRP, enabling communities to restore and fortify vulnerable coastal habitats, river and stream floodplains, and critical infrastructure. An additional $5 million has been allocated for a small business energy loan program, offering zero-interest and below-market loans for clean energy projects.

William Fazioli, Executive Director of Rhode Island Infrastructure Bank, emphasized the pressing need for resilient infrastructure solutions, particularly in the face of recent extreme weather events. “Rhode Island needs to invest in resilient infrastructure solutions now, and that is exactly what this $12 million in 20 Municipal Resilience Program Action Grants will allow 19 communities across our state to do,” Fazioli explained.

The Nature Conservancy played a pivotal role in the Municipal Resilience Program, assisting 35 out of Rhode Island’s 39 municipalities in the workshop process to develop actionable resilience plans and projects. Sue AnderBois, The Nature Conservancy’s Director of Climate and Government Relations, expressed pride in the collaborative efforts, stating, “The Nature Conservancy is proud to have partnered with the Infrastructure Bank to bring these planning workshops to 35 of the state’s 39 municipalities.”

A total of 41 proposals from 30 communities were received for this round of MRP Action Grants, requesting a cumulative $52 million in funding. After a rigorous review process, the selection committee, comprising representatives from the Infrastructure Bank, the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management, Statewide Planning, and the Coastal Resources Management Council, recommended 20 proposals to receive funding for implementation.

  • Barrington – $112,500: Coastal Adaptation Projects: Latham Park, Allin’s Cove, Water Way
  • Bristol – $113,225: Urban Forest Municipal Resilience Project
  • Central Falls – $147,795: Dexter Street Stormwater Resiliency Project 
  • Charlestown – $203,085: Engineering, Design, Permitting, and Community Outreach for the Charlestown Breachway and Adjacent Barrier Island Complex Restoration 
  • Coventry – $100,000: Tiogue Lake Stormwater/Flooding Mitigation Project
  • East Providence – $1,800,000: Crescent Park Shoreline Protection & Slope Stabilization 
  • Glocester – $59,950: Flood Prevention Infrastructure Upgrades 
  • Hopkinton – $1,344,088: Strengthening Flood Resilience through Road and Stream Crossing Upgrades 
  • Johnston – $340,000: Atwood Avenue & Hartford Avenue Stormwater Management 
  • Lincoln – $84,400: Front Street Stormwater Improvements 
  • Middletown – $69,600: Floodproofing Paradise Avenue Pump Station 
  • New Shoreham – $465,000: Corn Neck Road Dune Restoration 
  • Newport – $2,392,884: King Park Shoreline Resilience Improvements 
  • North Providence – $80,500: Fruit Hill Avenue West Area Stormwater Drainage Improvements 
  • Pawtucket – $156,500: Daggett Avenue Green Infrastructure Corridor 
  • Providence – $1,000,000: Public Street Waterfront Access & Green Infrastructure Project 
  • Providence – $225,000: Mashapaug Watershed Water Quality Improvements  
  • South Kingstown – $85,000: Saugatucket Stormwater Culvert Improvements 
  • Warren – $1,250,000: Jamiel’s Park Living Shoreline and Landfill Closure Resilience Project 
  • Woonsocket – $2,000,000: Truman Drive Green Infrastructure Parkway 

The selected projects range from shoreline resilience improvements to flood prevention infrastructure upgrades across various municipalities. With a 25% local match requirement, these grants aim to fortify Rhode Island’s communities against the escalating challenges posed by climate-related events.

This round of MRP Action Grants sets the stage for a second round of funding expected to be released in spring 2024.




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