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Pittsburgh to Challenge Newport in Eastern Polo Rivalry

The Newport International Polo Series announces a major rivalry in its weekend agenda, against one the home team’s most menacing US City rivals from the east, featuring Newport vs. Pittsburgh on Saturday July 16th for a 6th annual faceoff between the two port cities at the polo grounds in Portsmouth.

“Pittsburgh always sends a tough and gritty team to compete here, and the game always goes down to the wire. Thus far Newport has been narrowly undefeated in the matchup over 5 consecutive campaigns, but we don’t underestimate their steely resolve – they have planned their strategy for a year, and we are anticipating their best team ever,” comments Dan Keating, International Polo Series founder and president.

The Steel City is one of America’s most successful sports capitals, with the winningest franchises in the country. That steely resolve and wiley cunning breeds champions and pirates. No other landlocked city has carved out a booming port industry to rival the eastern seaboard with a 1,000 mile journey to the coast!

Newport Polo invites fans to embrace the pirate theme of the day for its Best In Show Contest, encouraging festive picnic decor, thematic choices for provisions and of course attire, to revel in the pirate legend for a chance to win the Stella Artois Best in Show Contest. With weekly theme changes this season, the decorated picnic tradition has earned Newport Polo the title of Best Tailgating in New England from Yankee Magazine.

Visit for advanced ticket sales and full details on the Newport vs. Pittsburgh polo match.

The weekly polo matches every Saturday are an ideal conclusion to a summer’s day, in late afternoons in June through September, minutes away from the glittering beaches of Newport, where a pastoral setting at the International Polo Grounds at Glen Farm in Portsmouth enjoys the afternoon breezes and cooling coastal effect of the Sakonnet’s east passage, as a welcome retreat in the peak of summer.

Last week’s match featured the USA vs. Ireland in a highly anticipated match welcoming back the Irish Team to Newport after a 2-year Covid induced hiatus. The game was one of tough play from each side with both teams in lockstep in the first half of the match. Team USA dominated most of the second half but in the last chukker Team Ireland came from behind to win their 13th victory in Polo Series history. James Connolly of Ireland was named MVP and Persia, loaned to Siobhan Herbst by Minnie Keating, was named Best Playing Pony. Upcoming 2022 season highlights include several more US City challengers and 5 international rivalries, every Saturday through September in the 31st season of the Newport International Polo Series.

During this week’s match the Daily Door Prize will award a handsome prize to one lucky spectator who will also be entered into the Turkish Airlines Grand Prize Drawing which includes two round trip business class tickets to anywhere in the world on Turkish Airlines.

The match will conclude with Teams Newport and Pittsburgh circling the field in the Newport Fan Salute.



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