Rhode Island Gas Prices Stay Put, But Now Stand Higher than Last Year

Rhode Island’s average gas price is the same as last week ($3.73), averaging $3.73 per gallon. Today’s price is two cents lower than a month ago ($3.75), and three cents higher than Sept. 11, 2022 ($3.70). Rhode Island’s average gas price is 10 cents lower than the national average.

Northeast gas prices have managed to hold steady despite a recent surge in crude oil prices alongside robust gasoline demand ahead of the Labor Day holiday. Meanwhile, prices are above $4 per gallon in nine western states and are nearing $4 across the Midwest as a result of decreased gasoline production with refineries undergoing seasonal and unplanned maintenance.

“Pump prices in New England appear to be defying the odds at the moment, despite the surge in the cost of oil,” said Mark Schieldrop, AAA Northeast senior spokesperson. “Rising oil prices, higher demand and tighter supply could push pump prices higher at least until hurricane season is over.”

AAA Northeast’s Sept. 11 survey of fuel prices found the current national average to be two cents higher than last week ($3.81), averaging $3.83 a gallon. Today’s national average price is one cent lower than a month ago ($3.84) and is 10 cents higher than this day last year ($3.71).




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