Senior Leaders Graduate from NWC’s Spring Executive Level Operational Level of Warfare Course

The U.S. Naval War College (NWC) College of Maritime Operational Warfare (CMOW) hosted its Executive Level Operational Level of Warfare Course (ELOC), a series focused on improving combat readiness for U.S. maritime forces operating globally, onboard Naval Station Newport, March 22-26.

The event brought together active and reserve component officers from naval and joint commands across the globe to address educational needs identified for senior staff officers assigned to U.S. Navy maritime headquarters.

“ELOC helps provide the educational foundation for senior staff members to conduct requisite processes and procedures essential to perform maritime operations in a joint environment, said James Murray, NWC professor and director, CMOW Executive Level Education. “Along with graduates of other CMOW programs, they are able to show up in the headquarters prepared, qualified, and combat-ready to support our fleet commanders in achieving their mission.”

Participants included 19 naval officers of various warfare designations representing ten commands throughout North America, Europe, the Middle East, and western-Pacific, including U.S. 3rd Fleet, U.S. 5th Fleet, U.S. 6th Fleet, U.S. 7th Fleet, U.S. Pacific Fleet and U.S. Fleet Forces.

Providing a comprehensive approach to how maritime staffs must proactively translate a commander’s vision and guidance into actions in complex operational environments, ELOC supports the Navy by improving the capability of its officers to lead maritime, joint, and multinational forces. The course also includes classified discussions with sitting Fleet Commanders to offer insights into today’s global security challenges.

Eric Dukat, NWC associate professor and director of operations at CMOW, noted that ELOC was created out of the need for an adaptable curriculum that could prepare senior staff officers for the challenges they would face in the fleet.

“An extreme strength of ELOC is the capacity of its faculty to consistently evolve the course to meet myriad challenges resulting from a dynamically changing global security environment” he said. “We are constantly adjusting the course to respond to the demands from the fleets and feedback from leaders.”

The one-week course is taught three times a year in the spring, summer, and winter and ensures that its students understand the intricacies of managing a Maritime Operations Center (MOC) and its resources.

“ELOC has helped me to grow as a naval and military officer and has taught me to differentiate between the operational and tactical levels of war,” stated Capt. Ryan Ventresca, USN, Commodore, Mine Countermeasures Group (COMCMGRU) 3, and prospective MOC director, U.S. 3rd Fleet. “This course has refreshed my previous Naval War College and joint professional military education and will serve me well in the MOC.”




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