The Brand New Stone Pier Dinghy Dock at King Park is Officially Open!

In an exciting development for boaters and water enthusiasts, the City of Newport has announced the completion of the long-awaited Stone Pier Dinghy Dock at King Park. The new dock, situated adjacent to the city’s existing dinghy facility, promises to alleviate congestion and enhance access to the waterfront.

Constructed to address the increasing demand for docking space at the bustling Stone Pier complex, the floating dock comprises six sections measuring 24 ft. by 16 ft. each, with a total length of 136 feet. Boasting accessibility features, the dock is seamlessly connected to Stone Pier via an ADA compliant gangway, ensuring ease of use for all visitors.

To kickstart the upcoming boating season, applications for the City’s Stone Pier dinghy sticker program are now available. Interested individuals can access the application forms through the City’s official website at, contact the Harbormaster’s Office at (401) 845-5416, or obtain them in-person at the office during designated hours (Monday to Wednesday, 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.).

It’s important to note that the Stone Pier dinghy dock accommodates vessels up to 12 ft. in length, with overnight storage options available for Newport residents and mooring holders holding valid permits. Newport residents without mooring permits must provide proof of residency, such as a Newport voter registration card or Rhode Island Driver’s License with a Newport address.

The successful completion of the project was made possible through the generous support of the New York Yacht Club, who provided funding for the installation of the new gangway.

As the summer season approaches, the addition of the Stone Pier Dinghy Dock marks a significant enhancement to Newport’s waterfront infrastructure, promising increased accessibility and enjoyment for locals and visitors alike.

For further information and updates, interested parties are encouraged to stay connected with the City of Newport’s official channels and the Harbormaster’s Office.

Contact Information: City of Newport Harbormaster’s Office Phone: (401) 845-5416 Website:




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